Gothic Theme Ideas For Wedding

These days there are more people who find pleasure in using the ideas and unique wedding theme. That’s why you see many people who can appreciate the Gothic theme wedding and use it for their wedding. What I usually use black and red to achieve this theme.

Seeing his foot in show business, you will see how the Twilight series is the world of the film, not only from the storm last year, but once again this year. In addition to this, Asian cinema is also swept away with Sete, a Korean movie with the vampire as a character. It can inspire more people to the Gothic theme wedding or son of Twilight in their marriage a try.

As mentioned above, pointed Gothic wedding theme will include combining the black and red wedding theme overall. But if you want to get to the next level of Twilight, you may need to follow the ideas for the wedding to help you do this type of wedding theme.

Twilight has a Photobooth
Photobooths started with a general idea of ​​favors for this event. If you do not realize photobooths, this is where your guests will stay in the background and take pictures of some of the images. The good thing about the kind of support that will give you the red carpet for every shot because it looks like what you see at the dinner prize for the celebrities. To increase the rotation of Twilight, you can prepare a white contact lenses that can be used to shoot. It is white contact lenses that are usually used for Halloween. The only problem is that this can be a little ‘expensive, especially if you have lots of guests. A cheaper alternative for you is to get your teeth for them to wear. After wearing this accessory, you can now ask them to attack as a twilight poses.

Fountain and red wine
Twilight for the theme, it is important to the color of their favorite dishes: red. The easiest way to get this color from red wine on the table. You can serve this wine to your guests and make them feel that the theme chosen. In addition to red wine, you can also a chocolate fountain red food on the table for dessert. You may not know, but red-brown are also available, allowing the service provider to ask for the chocolate fountain, chocolate produce for your wedding. For dessert you can use strawberries and chocolate chip cookies for dessert type option for your wedding.

These are just some ways on how the theme of Twilight gothic applied to your marriage. You can also completely themed wedding, ask your guests to arrive at your wedding and wore a black jacket. If your wedding will follow these tips, you can be assured of the latest ideas for the wedding and make your event more unique is that what others have.

More picture for gothic bridal dress


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