Black Wedding Gowns

In these days, many brides choose to wear a colored wedding dress.
This is not a new idea in the Middle Ages as a pure blue color. (And that’s where the tradition began to wear something blue). In traditional Chinese red wedding dress. Brides of wealthy families in the past often wore rich colors and fabrics to show the richness of their family.

During the 1800 wedding dress in black popular in Finland! It was not until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress that fashion has begun – many brides choose to wear white in honor of the queen. Colored wedding dress before in regular shops.

… Thus, the traditional white wedding is as old as you might think.

People usually think of purity, white wedding dress symbolizes the intention, but the original is an extension of the white garment worn at baptism and confirmation. Today is the white dress, like the choice of the most traditional and accepted popular for weddings and nothing more.

You can see how beautiful black dress in a wedding dress or colored, as in a traditional white wedding dress, especially if the non-white or ivory. There are no rules now so you can hear your wedding dress that you choose and makes you look better.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

If you are blonde, you can wear any color blue. Pastel pink dress with shades of blond and fair-skinned brides. If you are looking for the colors blue, green, go to sea.

They have red hair? You can go for a strong color purple. Redheads look great in a pale pink. Deeper tones are right for you. Emerald green is a great color to red.

Brunette? Bring more shades of blue. More red or magenta all brown Cerise accordingly. Aqua Marine in accordance with the tones of brown and blond. Shades of fishing are a good choice for the bride brunette.

Almost everyone looks good in lavender or deep purple.

Yellow is the color is very difficult for the bride to wear, because many people can not. If you look very pale yellow to golden yellow or deep gold.

Similarly, a pale orange to make them all. Rich bronze finish softened cream is a good choice.

More picture of black bridl gown

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